Music Rockstar

by admin on July 28, 2011

Limewire was shut down and all the other alternatives to Limewire are just too expensive! So what are you going to do? What other program will you use for your music and file downloading needs? Well the answer is finally here! Music Rockstar is your complete solution to legally downloading all of your favorite songs and artist albums directly to your computer. The best part is that it is completely legal and safe. Download Music Rockstar now as it truly is the best Limewire alternative to date!

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Music Rockstar

Music Rockstar

With Music Rockstar you can download all of your favorite music from all of your artists, download videos, download files and more! Enjoy the speeds and privacy that Limewire offered right now with Music Rockstar! The Limewire alternative is here and isn’t going anywhere so download it right now and enjoy!

If you live to rock, let us provide the music, videos and files you need! Download Music Rockstar today to get tons of free MP3 formatted music to fill out your playlists! No purchase or registration required and you get access to the entire library that the users of Music Rockstar are sharing. What more could you ask for the best to date alternative to downloading music?


  • Instant access to the entire music library
  • No purchase or registration required
  • 100% Free & Legal
  • 100% Spyware and Virus Free


Music Rockstar

The choice is simple. Music Rockstar is here and it is here to stay for good! We are proud to announce that Music Rockstar surpasses Limewire in every category and most importantly of all, is completely free and 100% legal, unlike Limewire. So what are you waiting for? Download Music Rockstar for free and finally enjoy 100% free music!

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Music Rockstar

Thank you for downloading and sharing your music! Feel free to tell your friends and post on Facebook, Twitter, and more! Spread the joy of Music Rockstar and share the love, we really do appreciate it!

Download Music Rockstar right now and enjoy free music downloads!


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